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He’s not told you about the uncle, either? No, what is this? It’s not an ordinary story. Madeleine had an old uncle. And nobody wanted him in the family. Why’s that? The poor old fellow was disabled. So when she got married she brought him with her and she put him in a little house by the horsepond. What’s a horsepond? It’s a pond to water the beasts. And everyday she came to wash him, to put him near the window, to feed him, to put him to bed. And one morning she found the door open. He had woken up during the night and he had went away. We discovered the tracks of his wooden shoes on the paths, we dredged the horsepond to see if he had drowned, we never found anything. Maybe he’s dead. We don’t know. We’ll never know. That’s incredible. Yes. Well, I have to go. No, tell me more. I have a job to do. The work won’t do itself, you know. You’re always dressed the same way. Never anything on your buttocks. You’re wearing stockings? Yes, always. You’ve got nice thighs. You look like a feather, but you’re a pretty girl. Doesn’t your husband tell you? Yes. If I had a doll like you I would ake her into my arms, cuddle her. Do you like caresses? Does your husband give you any? You should ask him. I have to go. Can I help you? No. Flattening the potatoes: it’s no job for a little woman like you. You should take care of your husband instead! What’s happening to you Marie? Are you crazy? What’s come over you? I’m sorry. Would you change the channel? You’re pretty you know. Beautiful. I wish I could kiss you everywhere. What are you doing here? Why are you crying? Don’t go tomorrow, or take me with you. I told you I can’t. You’re terrible. You know well it’s for my work. Yes, take me. I’m afraid you know, very afraid. I don’t want to stay here alone. Why? I’m afraid in this house. You’re a real baby. What a comedy! Do you love me? But, of course! Do you still love my big black eyes and my cherry mouth? Of course. Keep me near you tonight. What’s going on Marie? I don’t know. I don’t know. I feel like games I love you, I love you.