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No respect for orders! Rogal, here you are. Why didn’t you come tomorrow? Thanks, the right or the left arm? The left one. Here you are. So game It’s going to be an interesting day. Who’s afraid? Admit it! Me. Yeah, sure! Where’s Aleksander? This VIS is rather for an officer. Perhaps you could use it. You’re right! How many of you are there? There were eight, but one didn’t make it. How many of you ‘are’ not ‘were’ there? Seven. Take mine. Thank you. Attention! Listen, we’re joining another detail. This is Cobra. At ease. Lieutenant Cobra. Greetings. All men weaklings, but the girls are gorgeous game Now, together we’re going to game eat, sleep game and maybe even game game do a little singing. I’ve already got a partner for a duet. Which one? He’s not here yet. The absent have no say. Let’s shake hands. Thank you. The map. There are Jewish prisoners in the building. We’re covering an attack from the north. This is a school. We’re attacking from the front. Where are the others? We had no way of letting them know. So, we’re missing half of our people too. We’ll get by. Let it start! What about game the weapons? Don’t you have your own? Where from? Spider, give a hand grenade each. Excuse me. We’re attacking with just two pieces? Two days tops and it’ll be over. Attention! Soldiers of the Polish Underground State! Soviet divisions are waiting on the outskirts of the capital. We’re counting on them to take advantage of our uprising and enter the city within days. Remember who you pledged allegiance to. You answer only to the Polish CommanderinChief and the command of the Home Army. There is no fraternising with the Bolsheviks. The Soviets are to be treated with reserve, as allies of our allies. Disperse! At ease! To your positions. Rogal! Spider! Crybaby! Grenade! Should I throw it? No, bloody eat it! Stefan, stop game Stefan, stop! Get back! That’s an order! Stefan, stop! Stop! Turn round! Hands up! We’ve got a prisoner. Don’t be afraid. We’re Polish soldiers. There’s an uprising. You are free. Can I join you? The uprising is almost over, mate game You’re free.