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Me and My Cute Horse 2 I’m not reaIIy hungry. You can go for t, f you feeI Iike it. Yes! Oh yes! You can do it, Norm. Oh yeah! I’m aImost there Can you feeI t? I feeI it, Norm. I feeI it. My Inuit! Yes, Norm! I can feeI your Inuit! No. damm t! My Inuit s getting away Goddammit! Goddammit! game me I can’t game ing beIieve it If I don’t get to MontreaI tonight, I’m in deep shit! I don’t have a choice And you, don’t move a muscIe whiIe we f gure this out! Is that cIear? I’m disappointed, Smoky. Very d sappointed. What’s the deaI with the Inuit, Norm? Exp ain the Inuit. I don’t get it. Listen. Chow Yen wants someone of Asian descent, OK? And the Inuit came from As a You understand? Listen, boys. I just do what I’m to d The boss wi die if he doesn’t get a heart. And that’s my job That’s why I’m here! WeII, you better find another nuit fast! know. but can’t go back up there. I need one now It’s happening tonight! That’s rid cuIous! I know. You can’t just find one anywhere! Yeah. I know! Normy.. you don’t rea Iy need to go back up there, you know. Inuit, Native, it’s a I the same thing. They aII come from the same p ace. Therefore, they aII have the same ancestry.. As an In that case game probIem soIved, Norm. You don’t reaI y have a choice G ve it to me. I’I do t. It’s aII rght. Don’t move, you IittIe shit! You see how n ce the trees are? The bIossoms are so coIourfu! I thought the new roof wouId’ve so ved the prob em, but it cIearIy hasn’t How’s she doing? I know I’ve said this before, but we couId have an honourab e ceremony here for next to nothing. I wouId take care of t myseIf. know But we first met in the v IIage cemetery She’s very attached to it You’re n great shape for a man your age. Don’t you ever get tired? I might have a way for you to stop pedaIIing everywhere. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handIe You nterested in making a Iitt e money? CaII me, I’I set it up. My name is Muffin. Lorenzo Fumetti. Nice to meet you, Mr. Fumetti. CaII me. Take care. It’s going to be a hot one today. FLIGHT TO ITALY START NG AT $ FOR SALE I’I be back soon, aII rght?