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your great aunt a hug! Go on, give her a hug. There’s my little man! God, it’s been so long! Laura, honey. Hi, Dottie. And there’s my favorite nephew! Only nephew. Oh, well, who’s countin’? LAUGHS You’re not takin’ that thing out tomorrow, are you? Yeah, why not? LAUGHS That thing’s gonna get stuck before you can get started. You take the Ridgeline. That’ll handle anything up there. Hey, buddy. MAN: Hey, Marv, what’s up? How you doin’? SPOON CLINKS Do you have anything to tell me? WILL: For thousands of years, men have viewed hunting as something much more than just a means of survival, Danny. Okay? It’s it’s a test of character and courage. I mean, the singular act of tracking another living creature, Danny, and then possessing the will and the skill to end its life. All right. Maybe this’ll help. Whoa, cool! This was your grandfather’s rifle. CHUCKLES He left it to me when he died. One day, when you’re ready, it’ll be yours. Can I hold it? LAUGHS Of course, kiddo, that’s why we’re here. All right, but first,