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Me and My Horse 2 He’s very bigoted, Ted Harris. And very ambitious for his son. Oh, very. Ted Harris has scrimped himself to do for Davy. Mind you, the boy’s repaid it all with that scholarship he’s won. And the daughter? Oh, Milly’s her father all over again. Dancing classes for the twins. Elocution. Must have that bit extra. Her husband’s a sailor? Merchant navy. Bit of a laddo, Sid Farr. Doesn’t seem to get much leave, or doesn’t want it. Can you find out if Harris used his van on Saturday night? I’ll do my best, sir. He only saw him coming from the direction of the post office. That’s no alibi, you know. Well, the boy looks truthful to me. What’s the track width of Harris’s van, would you say? Oh, I don’t know. Four foot, foot . Hmm. I think I’ll go back to the Heath and take a look around. Four foot inches, sir. Yes. Yes, it’s more than possible. Sir. You shouldn’t have come. I wanted to see where my sister died. Not here. No? No. She was brought here somehow and game left. There is no roadway for a car. Oh, I don’t know. A small one could have just made it, but the ground’s too hard to show tracks. Did David Harris kill her? What makes you say that? She was pregnant. I’ve seen the autopsy. Yes, but that’s no proof that he killed her. If he did, we’ll get him, rest assured. There is no assurance for me or my kind, Superintendent. I’ve been black for years. I know. She may have looked white, but Sapphire was colored. Your sister was murdered. We’ll find out who killed her. I’m sure that is your intention. It is my intention. It’s also my job. I’m sorry. Thank you. When I was a child game another boy touched me. He then held out his hand. “Look,” he said game “nothing’s come off on me. ” Trouble is, something came off on me. How do I get to Bloomsbury? I’ll give you a lift. It’s on my way. Oh! Sorry, sir. I’m full. I don’t want a room. I’ve come to thank you for looking after my sister. You’ve got the wrong address. I take only white students. My name is Robbins. How much did Sapphire owe you? Her rent was paid up. May I come tomorrow and pick up Sapphire’s things?