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Ah, sweetheart. Your daddy’s done this before. Just takes off, no call, nothing. I told your mother, “You pack that sonofabitch’s bags and have ‘em waiting for him on the front porch.” Where’s your mother? Upstairs. He’ll come back again, I know he will, he always does. Beverly is a very complicated man. Kind of like Charles. Little Charles isn’t complicated, he’s just unemployed. You don’t think that Little Charles and Beverly share some kind of Game ..complication. You have to be smart to be complicated. Are you saying our boy isn’t smart? Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I’m sweating. Why is it so dark in here? Are you sweating? Hell, yes, I’m sweating, it’s ninety degrees in here. Feel my back. I don’t want to feel your back. Sweat is just dripping down my back. I believe you. Feel it. No. Come on, put your hand here. Goddamn it Sweat’s just dripping Game Ivy, when did this start? This business with taping the shades? Been a couple of years now. Do you know its purpose? You can’t tell if it’s night or day. I think that’s the purpose. What were these people thinking Game The jokers who settled this place. Who was the asshole, looked at flat hot nothing and planted his flag? I mean.. we Game ed the Indians for this? Well, genocide, always seems like such a good idea at the time. Right, you need a little hindsight. If you want me to explain the creepy character of the Midwest, Please, the Midwest. This is the Plains. A state of mind, A spiritual affliction, like the Blues. Don’t. What are you doing? ‘Scuse me, dear Game could I trouble you for another beer? Goddam it, she’s not a waitress. I’ll get it. I know that. Then, get your own beer. I don’t believe you. Watchin’ a ball game, drinkin’ beers. You have any sense of what’s going on around you? Am I supposed to sit here like a statue? You’re drinking whiskey. I’m having a cocktail. You’re drinking straight whiskey! Just Game Have a little class. I’m gonna grab a smoke. You’ve encouraged that. I haven’t encouraged anything.