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them in water and drink it game you’ll be fine game How do you know game ? Will you boil these or should I throw them game ? No wait game Budhan game get this done for me game Trust me game whatever is inside, it’ll come out game Okay game fine Tell me one thing game is this the only topic that you both discuss game the whole day? Yeah. I should’ve found out before taking the booking game well game Prayers to the God at am and check out at . Lakhan take them to room number Budhan keep the medicines ready game I’ll see you in a bit Dad. Piku game where game ? I’m coming game This place is famous for its desserts game would you like to have some? Am I disturbing you game ? Can we sit quietly please game ? Ya sure. You were calling someone scheming game ? Not you. Better not! I would’ve thrown you out of the car. How would your Dad have gone to Kolkata then? I would’ve driven game really? game well game had I known this earlier, I could’ve stretched for a bit game now you drive tomorrow game I don’t like driving game why game ? as in? women in Saudi are fighting with the govt. For their driving rights game getting jailed too for same game and you say you don’t like driving game that’s weird. Not really game those countries are like that game Ya but your country isn’t game moreover game driving liberates a woman game Are you saying all this to impress me or you really do respect women? Isn’t it written on my face? Well game You were arguing with some Ritu this morning game My sister. And my mother, another devious woman game I swear game you can ask Syed game Yes Dad.ok I’ll be there tell me something game you’re really his daughter game I mean game yes game l am ‘his’ daughter game and ten times more strange. weird.irritating.annoying No no no game l didn’t mean that way game No I know what you mean game l know its weird its okay game but I am like that game Hello.hello There’s no room that’s vacant Excuse me game room game l need a room game all occupied that Bengali family that’s just walked in game I am part of