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Merry-go-round Time 2 i knows exactly what it doing. But up in the country, what do you have there? Just a great ride, just a waddling ride. Penguin. What do you going to do with your share? Stupid to spend money you do not have. Certainly pay some debt. Give something to the wife and kids. I also expect child. A boy. I spoil him wildly. Two million is not much these days. what is going on. Are you confused or something? Take it easy. What are you doing? This is our side. hey you, dont pee yourself. You know what they’re trying to do, dont you? To get that boy to kill himself. So they get a bigger share. shut the up. We are just above the submarine. Blackie. The leak is found. But there must be drained before repairs. Takes to hours. We are on top of the submarine now. We must use diesel to charge batteries before we go deep anyway. Get repairs done first. listen. Some of your people have funny ideas with money. They think the Russians get too much. Everyone gets the even split. Okay? What is going on? It’s mine. its my numbers just come up. I won ,. He says, we bought them together. But no. We need to do something with these ing cards. For they already take too much. And now they are trying to slip in and steal everything. They’re just trying to get more and more. Your fat liar, you were not there. What is it you do not understand? How do you know your numbers came out? Have you been on our radio? Have you talked to the ing radio? We are just under the Black Sea fleet. We are under the ing game . Not the radio. You have destroyed the radio. Give me the ticket game Give me that ticket. You risked our lives for thousand. thousand. all you Listen to me. every man gets equal share. every man! any one doset like it. is in dangering this vessel. Any man dangering this vessel, goes out ing tubes. I told you. I ing told you. Tell them deal is changed. They divide us along for the money. Listen Robinson game . Get your hand off me. Just game game Just listen to me. Be careful with this. I know I know One down game . im sorry. im sorry. More to the right, lower left.