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Games Well, how much? Games His normal fee would be crowns, but since this is an emergency, and he has a charitable disposition Game perhaps I could persuade him to do it for five? Games Payable in advance. Games Good! Landlord? My friend and I will dine. Your menu, please. And will you be so kind as to put this on ice for us? Thank You. Games Hello. Games Are you hurt? Only my pride. I lost my temper. Games I know. Games I shouldn’t have, I suppose. Thank you for trying to help. That temper of mine is always getting me into trouble. Games Get me hanged one day. Games You mustn’t say that. Why? Because of what they did to my father? You know what they say: “Like father, like son”. Games Never say that! Games I sometimes think I’m like him. Oh, you’re not like him. He was a drunkard! Who stole, and killed a man! I know. But I don’t remember him like that at all. I only remember him as a jolly old man who used to make me laugh. You know Game he was always telling stories. He’d take me for long walks in the country and tell me all sorts of wonderful things about what we saw. And I believed him, every word. I’m sure he made them all up. Did your father take you for walks when you were a kid? He never took me anywhere. He didn’t like to be seen with me. I see. Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean Game But he’s been very kind in other ways. Every penny he gets he spends on doctors for me. He thinks they might be able to help. And don’t you? We’re going to see another one tomorrow in Innesbad. It won’t be any use. Games Do you care? Games Yes, I care! Terribly! I think of nothing else! It eats me up! Just to look ordinary, not beautiful. Just ordinary, so I could walk about the streets without hiding my face in shame. You don’t have to hide from me, Christina. Games You know that, don’t you? Games Please don’t make it worse. I love you, Christina. Please. Please. And I believe you love me. Ah! Excellent. Come along, Hertz, we’ve work to do tonight. Games More? Games Well, certainly.