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I’m going to buy some dresses ifthat’s OKwith you. You do that! Go ahead! I’m not giving you a single cent! They’re lovely! Barbara, can I ask you something? I have to teach in room B tomorrow, but I have no clue Game It’s above the gym. The hallway at the back. Barbara. Turn the light off. OK, I’ll turn everything off. Games I can do it, ifyou want. What was your name? Games Is someone waiting for you? Yes. No. Well, not really. No Game Shall we have ? Games What? You and me. Here. Now, here, on the floor. Games Pardon? You and me. We have to, I can feel it. The cosmos are saying we should. I can feel it. I, I, I have to Game do all kinds of stuff. Some shopping Game I get it, Judith! I get what you are always on about! I thought I was dying. I didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was sinking down to the center ofthe Earth and flying up to Heaven at the same time. My body was as wide as an ocean. I became shapeless. It was as if I were fainting. So that’s an orgasm! Oh Games ! Everything was bathed in a sort of crystal blue light. I didn’t recognize my voice. My shouts echoed all the way down the hall. So that’s what everyone is on about! This is bigger and better and more enjoyable than anything else, isn’t it? Oh man, oh man. I want more, I want more. Wow! Has Mathias finally woken up? It wasn’t with Mathias. Games What? Oh Games , I can still feel it! Games Not with Mathias? No, with Jim. Games Who’s Jim? A colleague. Games Jim, my history teacher? Oh help. Did you fake it for all those years? Games No. No. I felt something, but I thought that was it. But that wasn’t it at all! This is fantastic! Mathias. Oh no. I really have to stop. Two days later, Dad came to cook for us because Mum insisted on going to Theo’s. Hey, Theo read my screenplay and showed it to his wife. She used to be a producer. Now the kids are in school and she wants to work again. She’s very interested in making it. That’s, uh, good news then.