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You’re studying. That’s good. Is that Phaedra? No, it’s not Phaedra. Excuse me? No, it’s not Phaedra. Is something wrong? Tell me. I want to leave here. I understand. No. You don’t understand. May I? Anna, in prison It’s not about prison. It’s not about prison Then what’s the problem? You. Excuse me? You don’t get it, do you? Where are you going? I don’t have the right to leave? What about your notes? That’s for you. Promise you’ll read them. “My pain is not recent. “I can no longer keep my secret to myself. “I thought about you non-stop at Fleury. “Here it’s worse. “My heart is bad, so nothing is possible. “I know it, that’s why I want to leave. Please transfer me. “Anna.” Jean. I’m coming. What’s wrong? There’s a problem with a girl. I have to go. Pilar did it. Her cellmate was complaining of pain so she beat her up. We got there ASAP. Let me go! Bitch! We’ll put her in solitary. Come in. I have bad news. What? The girl was pregnant. She lost her child. The doctors think she’ll pull through. Should we call the family?