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Hertz, I am constantly surprised at your lack of faith in my work. Games But you were dead, was he not, Hans? Games Technically, yes. But my soul had not left my body. For one whole hour, I was dead. It was an hour wasn’t it? Exactly an hour? Oh, to the second Game eh, Hans? Good. For one hour my body had died Game and yet my soul remained. Now, why? Why was it? Was it Game trapped within me? Could it be trapped forever? Could I Game could I trap it myself? Oh, this is all too much for me. All I know is that you’re here and that you’re well. You are well, aren’t you? You’re well? You’re well? Games I’ve never felt better, thank you. Games That’s wonderful. He’s well. In that case, we must have a party and celebrate. That’s very flattering. To celebrate the success of my experiment? Oh, experiment nothing. I want to celebrate your safe return. Hans? Games The brandy. Games Oh, no thank you, no. I know your brandy Game but a glass of champagne would be very welcome. Champagne? You think I’d drink that stuff if I could afford champagne? Hans, does the local cafe have champagne? I’m sure they would, Baron. Run down and get a bottle. There’s a good fellow. Run along, boy. Off you go, boy. They’ll want paying, sir. Games Give him some money. Games Me? I haven’t got anything. Everything I had was spent on all this. Tell them I’ll pay later. Games Well, I’ll try. Games Boy! Games Do you have an overcoat? Games No, I’ve never had one. Well, it’s stormy outside. You’d better have mine. I rarely go out. One hour. Dead for one hour. Yet my soul did not leave my body. Now, why? Hello, Christina. Hans! Games Where is Father? Games He’s out He’ll be back in a minute, Games and if he catches you here Game Games So? I’m here on business. Games Oh, yes? Games It’s true! What business? Wine buying. The Doctor sent me for some champagne. Honestly! And how is he going to pay for it? Or are you treating him? The Baron says he’ll pay. Games What’s the matter Christina? Games The Baron. I wish you didn’t have to work for him, Hans.