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My cute Farm No chance It is very difficult to make a meeting once in a year After marriage we will settle in US They will stay here We won’t get enough time to go after our aims, goals and aspiration And l can’t allocate time to meet friends I didn’t say that to disappoint you I talked practically, that’s all Let’s be happy wherever we are We’ll be more happy if we all meet together Let’s go for swimming tomorrow Hello Malayalee dear! What? Tell the items what we ordered Items should be fresh, got it? Open it and see What is this? They are very fresh You can’t get more fresh than this in this Kerala I meant food should be cooked and warm but not to serve the items alive like this You didn’t tell that before We are telling it now We are very hungry Go, bring the dinner What about us? You would starve if you don’t have clarity Chandu, it is not here It is not here also My guitar is missing Have you seen that? No, I’ve not seen Here, I am so tense but you’re playing the game Definitely you might have hidden it Go man That clarity Kannaiah might have put it in the campfire Go look there! Thanks doesn’t suit you Tell something differently It is a costly guitar Have you looted any bank? She looted me, not in the bank Has she booked you this time? All girls are same They say they are equal to us, but never spend a penny Chandu, it is not there too We tried very hard to hide it from you since we bought it I told you know that he’ll feel happy How is it Reethu? It is good that she gave you It would’ve been better if I had gifted you It is good Isn’t it? Go and practice Game the lead guitarist and singer, Chandu from Hyderabad has come Sir! No need introduction You idiot! We liked your music samples If I had known that it’s yours, I would say ‘No’ need you We need a lead guitarist and you need a band There is no choice for both of us What choice? Go man If you don’t have problem with us we can start the work Really? Do you remember it, Udhay? That day I told you on the phone Game that he hit someone for sake of me Yes