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by dynamiting one quarry you could shut us down for ever? You realize that stuff seeps up through the Earth any place? Well, I guess we’ll just find those places. I’m afraid I’m not alone tonight, Moe. I suppose you’ve spent my money as well, eh? You two are in business together! It was inevitable, wasn’t it? The Stuff is finished, of course, but look here. Look at the new campaign for The Taste. Only % of The Stuff in it. Just enough to make the public crave for more. And the balance is natural dairy products. There won’t be enough of The Stuff in it to get a grip on anybody’s mind. How do you know? Well, we tested it. We tested it in a small Illinois town. If you tested it, you can taste it. Oh! You go too far. I didn’t come alone here, either. I brought along a couple of friends. Jason! This is no place for a kid, Moe. Oh, he ain’t a kid any more. The Stuff took away his parents and took away his brother. You brought another friend? Yup. Him. Now, put that away. You wouldn’t use it in front of the boy. Like he said, I’ve been through a lot. Well, you sit right down. Go on, have yourself a seat. We’re gonna have a little dinner. Jason? Serve the gentlemen. A pleasure. You recognize that, don’t you? No. Wait game Make a big old mountain of it right in front of them. Here. Yes, pass it right on down. Dig in yourself. Look! I had nothing to do with it. You see this hole here? It’s getting bigger and bigger, isn’t it? So you’d better eat that or you’re gonna eat this. Eat it! How much of it? You eat as much of it as I want you to eat, until I tell you to stop. Till it’s comin’ outta your eyeballs. Eat it. You, too, partner. Eat it! Mm. Mmm. Are you eatin’ it? Or is it eatin’ you? sirens approaching JASON: Here they come. Right on schedule. I guess we did it, Moe. Enough is never enough.