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everything. We always know eventually what we have lost but we never know what we are about to find. No need to take notes anymore. Your apprenticeship is accomplished. Unfortunately, you’re entering the world of grownups too young. Do you know what the meaning of life is? What is it? I don’t know. I’m asking you. I can’t believe there’s any meaning. There is. There is but we do not know it. My god, what is this rain? Bloody weather! Hello! Hello! You shouldn’t get into a closed space with an open umbrella. It doesn’t close. I would close it, if I could. Let me have a look. Don’t you know it brings bad luck? Our luck can’t possibly get any worse. Don’t believe in superstitions, my good Lady! What should we believe in, sir? In God. Can you think of anything better? Can you think of any better? Stella. ‘Je t’aime’ [as one word in Greek characters] Perhaps there’s been some mistake? Is this a joke, Miss? Don’t we know our own club? Didn’t you say [wrongly pronounced] ‘Petem’? I brought the new girl. She is Games My secret love Oh, hidden love! Enough with these rehearsals! They’ve busted our balls. The same story every time. The singers come one evening and must be ready to sing the next. And who gets screwed preparing their songs? We do. Hi. Gina. Stella. I’m new too. Been here two days. I’m ‘two-days your senior’ awyway. Some coffee? Anyway, sit somewhere, have your coffee and we’ll have rehearsal afterwards. What songs are we going to play? I’ve got some by Hatzidakis, Kraounakis, Spanos Games Are you kidding, girl? If you sing these songs here, we’ll get a thrashing! We’ll get tomatoes and a thrashing together. Listen, we don’t play this crap here. Listen here, sir. I performed this repertoire at the club in Corinth with success. That’s my style. I don’t know any other songs. Didn’t that idiot in Athens give you an idea of this place? Didn’t he tell you anything? D’you know where you have come, dolly? This is a ‘kolladiko’ [go-go bar], girlie! For ‘s sake let’s start. And let’s see who’s gonna get thrashed.