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Is there any relation between the screaming and this ? Doctor’s lab report reaches the post office first. Only Kaalinga could check the lab report except the Doctor. When we lose something close to our heart, it makes us feel that it is still with us! How did you come so early ? Who was he ? Nobody Games Who ? Was he him ?? Angaraa.. Anusuya, Did you sleep well?! What do you need ? Anything to ear or drink? I have got your favorite sweet laadu.. eat Why?? Didn’t you like it ? Don’t you like it if I feed you ? Do you want your Angara to feed you?! Dint I keep you happy ? Why did you need him ?! Don’t you like me ? What do you like in him ? His charm?? His body ? or the costume he puts ? Would you like me if I wear costume like him ? How do I look now ? You like it this way right ? tell me.. How is my costume ? Do you like it ? Are the colors nice ? Please leave me, this will not happen again. Please.. I am in lot of pain. Do you know what day is it today ? It has been days since you Angara died. This is his funeral food! Eat Games eat Nobody is there at home. I have called the police. WHY THE HELL DID YOU CALL THE POLICE? Every year you hear that screaming sound right ? In the evening? Even Doctor told the same thing about Anusuya. Yes, from that mountain, there is Kaalinga’s old house present near by. th day means, July th Games means today! I don’t know what Angara had to do with this. But we do not have much time left. Come this way. Anusuya, see what I have got for you ? eat Games eat. Do you know what day is today? your Angara’s Funeral day!! Please take me to the doctor. Not to the doctor. You want to go near your Angara. I do not know who Angara is! YOU ARE LYING! ANGARAA.. Many politicians and even police officers are also involved in the illegal sand mining. The police officer has been suspended. I have to tell you something. Yeah, tell. Come, I will introduce you. Someone else if waiting for you inside. You wanted to tell something ? almost. I just have to pull these files. you go ahead. I’ll lock up.