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You’ve seen how pretty her scarf is? She’s done some good work. Magnificent. You like it? Alot. You’ll wear it to go to work. Of course. Listen Marie, we won’t play tonight, I’m really too tired. Yes we will. No, really. You’re terrible. I love you, you know. I’m glad you’re here. I feel so good in your arms. I haven’t stopped thinking about us. I thought about the trips we’re going to make. I think Marie will be the happiest girl in the world. I had a strange dream last night. I’m sure you won’t guess. It was as if Marie had become someone else. As if she wasn’t a little girl any more. The poor darling fell asleep. You’re beautiful you know. You’re my darling. I’ve never dared tell you, but I’m madly in love with you. I’d like us to have a beautiful life. The kind everyone dreams about, but that no one ever has. Oh I love you, I love you, I love you. I fell asleep? What have you done? I removed your shoes and I put you in bed. But you’re crazy! What time is it? I have to go to bed. No, stay. We haven’t seen each other for two days. It’s late you know, and you see that I’m tired. We haven’t even played. You’re really terrible. Come on. We’ll play tomorrow night, I promise. Hello. Hello. Does it hurt? No. Why do you do this? She’s got bugs. I have to shear her, or else she’ll scratch herself ’til she bleeds. Mr Claude has returned? Yes. the butcher came by for the two mothers, he agrees to take them. So Mr. Claude must make up his mind. You aren’t in bed yet at this time? I can’t sleep. Your eyes are red. Were you crying? Yes. Mr. is not nice with you? Yes, he is. So what? I’m too capricious. That’s not good. That’s for little girls. Do you always work so late at night? It depends. Be careful, wool is very greasy. You’ll stain your pretty dress. Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’ve got plenty of dresses. It’s done. Go on girl. This one doesn’t have much longer to live. Why, is she sick? Diarrhea. That’s from the grass. It’s full of water, that’s bad for them. Poor beast. Every year we lose or of them because of this crap. I’m turning the light off,