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Here you go. The other cheek. How do I look? Like me. Cool game Get up. Fast. Mum, thugs’ve cut Stefan’s cheek! Luckily just the cheek. Mum, you’ve ruined my tower! Put that on. Don’t come round here again, stop bothering people! Why don’t you cut that out or you’ll lose face! Spare a fiver, boss? Hi! So, how’s things? Here I am! Where are we going? Wow, how direct! On a trip! Look where you’re going, you idiot! At one desk! The wimp kept taking my stuff! I remember that! He crapped in his pants and put the stuff in my satchel! Don’t tell her! His mum had to apologise to my parents. She invited them to the theatre she was in and the play was awful, my parents left in the middle. The director was an idiot. Turn here! I’m sure your mum is a great person game I’m so happy! And I’ve been wondering what was going on with you. Someone said you’re working, or you’d left. And here you are! The underground is so much fun! We’ve got the best girls. Wladek! What? You know what my nickname is? Crybaby! Cool, huh? You idiot, he’s not conspiring game Oh! You’re not? No, I’m not. So what will you be doing? Well? Depends. On what? On chance! I won’t take chances. I need papers, a job some peace and quiet. Hi, this is your Coco Chanel outfit. Hi Crybaby! You’ve met Rogal. I’ll show you everything. Instruct him. Yes, sir! Well, well game The bucket is under the sink, and there’s water in the tap. The brush! Hello, gentlemen! Good morning! Guys, let’s unload the crates. To the office. That’s the last shipment. What? Let me go first. Careful. Easy with that, please! Ala! Come back! Ala! Here! Ala, come back! Come back! Ala! Are we coming back? I’m staying. Forever. Ala’s staying forever. My sister we’re teaching her to swim. For now, we teach, you watch. Morning. Morning. Someone has to get her back. She won’t do it on her own. Aleksander, go get your sister! I can’t, my arm hurts. Your arm? Crybaby! I’m busy on holiday. So we aren’t coming back? Change of plans. Rogal will get her. No, Stefan! He’s a better candidate. Stefan will! That’s right!