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identify our own particular Golden Dragon. Tonight we have the opportunity to catch all five. I’m not gonna stand here and listen to your detective school theories. A girl’s life is in danger! Be a little patient! Boy, if this keeps up I will be- In a mental institution! “How poor are they who have no patience.” “Othello,” Act Ill, Scene ll. Ah Sing! Good evening, Mr. Mitchell. I am so glad you managed to find your way in. Well, thank you. Now I only hope I can manage to find my way out. Hello. Christmas? Well, this is- this is clubby, isn’t it? What shall we talk about? How’s show business, Peterson? Still slaying ’em out there, Mag, old girl? Bob, you’re a fool. What’s a guy of your intelligence doing in a place like this? Oh, I don’t know. Just lucky, I guess. The answer to that is safely locked away, and Gert is taking care of her. I hope you mean that in its nicest sense. Don’t worry, Mr. Mitchell. Gert’s tastes Radio lie in other directions. Incidentally, by now he’s also taking care of your bodyguard. Keep still! I should warn you, Mr. Mitchell, before Max joined us, he was a professional marksman. He likes to keep in practice. Don’t we all? Got another pistol? I’ll join you. Well, I was just passing by, so I thought I’d drop in and ask you to, well, to introduce me to your boss. You know, Goldfinger number five. Happily, Mr. Mitchell, except for one little difficulty. Number five doesn’t exist. Oh. Another Loch Ness monster, hmm? Do you tell this to everybody who asks? Nobody ever asked before Radio and lived. Well, since you’re determined to bump me off anyway, why don’t you let me in on the riddle? Who drives the bus here in Hong Kong? Hmm? Oh, a little brain trust of four. Three of them you see before you. The fourth member is taking care of the girl and Ah Sing. Oh, no. Not Gertrude! Oh, now, wait a minute, Peterson. Eventhough you’re gonna bump me off, you’re too smart an operator to tell me all your secrets. Why are you doing this? For the simple reason that we have to produce now the fifth Golden Dragon.