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mouse tuşu

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My Cute Pony In other words, me. Or us. If we become partners. Oh, Paul, is that a proposal? Not exactly. Keep on rubbing. We’ll see what happens. Oh, Paul, I love you. Let’s do it. Let’s do it in the garage. Let’s do it in the hearse. Let’s do it in the mud, and then we can WHISPERING LAUGHS That sounds lovely. But there’s some things I have to take care of around here tonight. SAM Hey, Larry! Time to eat! This chili is really good, Abbott. Really? Won the blue ribbon five years running at Vacaville. VALERIE Really? SPEAKING IN HEBREW Where did you get that, Larry? Remember when you got lost at Macy’s and I had to buy this PortaPotty? No. Yeah, I found you an hour later, caught by the guards, crying your little eyes out. I don’t remember. SPEAKS IN HEBREW He had to take a tinkle, Larry. Oh, that’s really cute. How old were you? Eighteen. LAUGHTER Guys like you used to get lost in the joint all the time. But they never got found. GUFFAWING Oh, poor Max. SPEAKS IN HEBREW DON An enema, Larry? What good would that do? Hey, Larry, I didn’t know you were into water and power. Max? Hey, Sam, what’s all this food? MAX Don’t come in here. Sam, is that Max? Uh… LAUGHS Oh, that’s a kidder. He’s done this for VALERIE Max! Max, stop fooling around. No. Max, you’re ruining the tapioca. Just leave me alone. Let me go quietly to sleep and freeze to death. Max! Uh, why don’t you get him out of here and I’ll go get a blanket? LAUGHS Max, does the light really go off when you close the door? LAUGHS Max. I understand. We all need somebody to love. Like, I I have this little dog, Max. Oh. No, really, Max. He’s He’s the sweetest little thing. He’s so tiny. Except, every week, I have to hide him because my mother has all these fat women over for diet seminars. Oh, I love him so. And you’re gonna love him too, Max. Uh, I don’t need a dog. I need a I need a girl to love me. Oh, but I guess that’ll never happen. BELL TOLLS WATER DRIPPING FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING Linda, it’s Paul Truscott. Would you come out for a moment? I’d like to talk to you, if I may. Mmm.