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years have passed so, but we did not find an youngster with Rudraksh mole. Then as said by Nanjundappa swamy, one day… On the auspicious Ekadasi day, Chandramukhi is decided to get married to Rahul Vadayar and both the families agreed as such. Come on exchange them Chandramukhi, Rahul Vadayar is a cruel man. He is done many cruel deeds. Your dad not knowing all these got you engaged to him. Why do you not say this to dad, aunty? He believes into what is said by Nanjundappa Swamy above everything. You have been into house arrest for years, go away and live freely dear. Where do I go aunty? Your aunt stays in Bangalore. She opposed your dad and the traditions those days and married the guy she loved. She would take good care of you. Do not reveal your details to anyone at any cost. Because, you may fall into risk because of those. When I went searching to house of my aunt, ::. –> ::. align:center I came to know that they left to London. You were seen in a confused state of what to do and I felt you can be a support. You know how frightened wasI thinking what would my people do to you? We both, meeting and you having that Rudraksh mole is all decided by the God. I forgot the whole pain of twelve years this moment. I am very happy. Tomorrow is our engagement and I have many works. See you. What is this Rudraksh mole and what is me having that? Will such be there in real? No, I had put that Who are you and why did you keep that? My name is Bokkaraaya,cousin brother of Chandramukhi. My sister suffered a lot to save you some how. Thus with the advice of my mom,I put that mole when you were asleep. That mole may be false, but love of Chandramukhi is true. I am seeing Chandramukhi happy only now after years. Do not drive her happiness away saying her truth. Main matter, even that Lord Shiva cannot save you if they come toknow that you do not have this Rudraksh mole. Be ready for the engagement. That means they would kill if he does not get engaged. Let all good happen! Take that Ring.. You wear that man. Come on do…