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Raul is the owner, I’m the tenant, I’m sharing a room! Do you really want the three of us sleeping in there? You should have looked for another place. Why not do it together? Because I don’t want to live with you. All right, how about this? You and I have a little party, and we set aside all the bad vibes. That’s always been your solution to everything. Get high and forget. You’re so naive. Then again, you probably don’t have many neurons left. Cut the bullshit. Before being your boyfriend I was your drug dealer, remember that? Now you’re not one or the other. All right. I know a nice junkie who you can in exchange for some shit. Don’t you ever touch me again, you hear? Ana! You got a problem? Mind your own business, professor. This is my business. Oh, yeah? Don’t worry. We’re just having an argument. Are you sure? Yes, yes, don’t worry. Remember, you still need to hand in your thesis. Oh, yeah. I’ll bring it in tomorrow. I won’t be here tomorrow. Leave it at reception. I have my car right there. Can I drop you off somewhere? That’s all right. We rather walk. Then Game goodbye. Bye. Professor, you are very elegant. Bye and thanks. You’re too much. What will it get you to forgive me? Got a thousand euros? No, I think not. And one job for me? If I had one, would you forgive me? No. But it’d prevent me from suing you for assault. Hi, I’m calling about the job. Yes, I’m a student. Yes, I’m available at that time. I think so. It’s right in front of the cathedral, right? O.K., third floor. I’ll be there. Ana. Thanks. See you this evening. See you later. So Game What about me? Give your girlfriend some pills. I haven’t done anything, Ana! FOR ELISE I think I’m breaking up with Alex. Again? Yes, but this time it’s final. Why now? Same thing as always. You’re so jealous. Nevertheless, I’m happy for you. How so? That guy is so Game Vulgar. Look who’s talking. You’re after the preppiest guy in class. Exactly. That’s the word. Class. That’s what Alex is missing. I don’t think money is a factor. Maybe Game But it does