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You train kill people We train save people I make Silk Road peace Peace is a dream We live a world that treats the dead better than the living I just want to look at it I’ve never seen a Chinese sword. It’s heavy What’s the Chinese word for revenge? What? If someone hurts you or your family You kill them Revenge Vengeance is.., Vengeance, Baochou. Baochou Why you want baochou? This is not your business Anything happen in Silk Road is my busness Revenge makes more hate Today we meet We are friend I want to help you When we leave tomorrow I may never see you again. You make a friend today you lose one tomorrow. Is it worth it? We’re all doomed this time I just got the order from the Prefecture Chief We have to finish restoring Wild Geese Gate in days Otherwise we’re all going to be executed Even if everyone works at full speed it’ll still take half a year to complete Aren’t you close to the thirty-six nations? Please help me hire more people This one’s always upset We can rebuild the city in within days They said they can complete it within days It’ll take a long time gathering the stones and even longer to transport them There’s a lot of big stone, difficult to move, move up You have plenty of gravel outside the city What? Small stones. Gravel. Do you understand? He said there are a lot of small stones outside the city How do you build a city wall with gravel? Huo An listen to me It’ll be a mistake to listen to them He trust you Thank you You must promise me one thing in return Find man to guide my deputies to the Parthian Empire Ok, look We’re here right now And the Panthian Empire is here Oom [email protected] What are you traying to do No, slowly Be gentle, what are you doing. days Is it possible? Men, stop it Good, go. See much easier Slow down, one at a time Leave after you grab them Everything is on schedule Haven’t you eaten yet? You fatty don’t get in my way Pull! Lower, a bit more, that’s it. Tell me what kind a city is this From where you are standing now You can see the entire famous Silk Road The great artery of