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My Horse Comfortable Farm Goral, come on game Grab him by the legs! By the legs. Attention! At ease. Who thought the uprising would last three days game game was wrong. We’re going to enjoy it a few days more. The Germans got reinforcements. We expect an assault at any point. There’s an order to move the arm band from left to right! Everyone take your positions. You’ll finish your soup later, it’s better not to eat now. Sir, do we know what’s happening on the other side of the wall? Do we have any units there? My mother lives there. Everyone’s got someone. You, focus on your dishes. We’ll do the shooting. Easy. I have no people and he’s playing with pots and pans? Give him some toy, he’ll join us. What do I give him? I don’t have a gun. He’ll take a gun from the Germans. Come. Michal! Ready? See the tree? Uhhuh. Then climb as high as you can and give us a shout when you see something. Yes, sir. What am I supposed to do? Nothing. Watch the end of the uprising game What do you mean the end? The Germans have got reinforcements. The Russians have stopped their offensive and now they’re just waiting for us to die. You thought someone would help us? Everyone cares about themselves. With the first chance game Attention! Don’t fire without an order! Stop shooting! Where are you going? Take positions, I said! Now! Fire! From left to right. You motherers! What have you done to her? It’s me. Look at me! He doesn’t recognise us. Don’t panic, he’ll pull through. Pull through? It’s the end of the uprising for this guy. Lucky they’ve found him. Poor thing. How are you going to stay here now? Get moving or the uprising will end. You’re on guard duty here, mate. We’re waiting. Got it? Yeah. It’s just a scratch, it’s a waste of a bandage. Relax. How old are you? I’ll be sixteen in December. I think they’re bombing the hospital. I’ll go! Kama! We have to report this. So I’ll report it. Excuse me. No pass. There’s a briefing. I want to report something. You have to wait. So there’s only the sewers left. Organise a sewers communication team. Yes, sir. We have to recognise the passages to Zoliborz and the Centre.