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My Horse Farm 2 Was she upset? No, on the contrary, excited. Delighted at having her own suspicions confirmed. What name did she use? The one on the card. Mrs. Harris. Did she tell you she was colored? No, she didn’t mention it. No, I’ll bet she didn’t. But you can always tell, can’t you? No, Inspector. As a matter of fact, you can’t. What? Well, I can tell them a mile away. Oh, I don’t know, Inspector. Would you say you were a policeman? What? Well, you haven’t got very big feet, have you? Don’t they say you can always tell a policeman a mile off by the size of his feet? Oh, that’s bloody silly. Yes, isn’t it? Well, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about Learoyd’s feet. But regarding the girl, was there anything else about her that struck you? Yes. I thought she was a rather nice person. Well, thank you, Doctor. Not at all. You’ve been most helpful. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. She must have been pretty sure about young Harris. At any rate, she thought he’d take the doctor’s news happily enough. Perhaps she summed the boy up wrongly. Mmm. Any of the girl’s addresses come through? Yes, sir. A house in Bloomsbury. Before that, a place in Earls Court. And another lead Chelsea Women’s Hospital. We’ll try Earls Court first. Yes, sir. Yes, I remember Sapphire Robbins. What sort of a girl was she? Nice enough girl, considering she was colored. Oh, you knew then? I guessed. You can always tell. Too eager to please, laughed too much, noisy with her gramophone. But I never mind so long as they don’t look it. Still, I had to get rid of her in the end. Why? Couldn’t risk upsetting the other tenants. Some big colored bloke started calling for her. Black as your hat, he was. I run a white house. You never can tell when the others are going to kick. What was this fellow’s name? I don’t know. Did she get any phone calls? One or two, from the International Club and her brother. Were you surprised when Sapphire got herself killed? All depends upon how much hate she stirred up. Hate? I dare say she was passing for white. So? Would you be pleased with a brass sovereign, Superintendent?