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You know you were Beverly’s favorite; Am I going to have to separate you two? ..don’t pretend you don’t know! I’d prefer to think my parents loved all their children equally. I’m sure you’d prefer to think that Santy Claus brought you presents at Christmas, too. If you’d had more than one child, you’d know a parent always has favorites. Mattie Fae was my mother’s favorite. Big deal. I got used to it. You were your Daddy’s favorite. Broke his heart. What was I supposed to do?! Colorado gave Bill twice what he’s making at TU. Why are we even getting into this? You think Daddy wouldn’t have jumped at an opportunity like that? You’re wrong there. You never would’ve gotten Beverly Weston out of Oklahoma. He gave me his blessing. That’s what he told you. Yeah.. And now, you’re going to tell me the true story, some terrible shit he said behind my back? Alright, everybody’s on edge.. Beverly didn’t say terrible things behind your back Vi, come on! He just told me he’s disappointed in you because you settled. He thought you had talent, a writer. Daddy never said anything like that to you. What a load of absolute horseshit. horseshit. Horseshit? Oh, horseshit, let’s all say horseshit. Say horseshit, Bill. Horseshit. Are you high? Excuse me. I mean literally. You taking something? A muscle relaxer. You listen to me. I’ll not go through this with you again. I don’t know what you’re talking about. These Game ing pills? Calls at three AM about stars in your backyard? This isn’ isn’t same thing. I didn’t have reason then. So, it’s okay to get hooked now because you have a reason. I’m not hooked on anything. I don’t want to know if you are or not, I’m just saying.. I’m not gonna go through it again. I’m not. I’m in pain! Because of your mouth? Yes, because my mouth burns. I have got.. Cancer in my mouth. And it burns, look. Look. And it burns like a Game bullshit. And Beverly’s disappeared and you’re yelling at me. I’m not.. You know, you couldn’t come home when I got cancer.