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My Love Pony Hello, dad. Come, my son. My dear! Are you returning after a workout? Yes. Just give him something to eat and keep him away from all of this. That son of a gun! Everything that we have is on the line game Brother, my friends and I needed some money. Forget about your friends. What do you need the money for? Rajbeer, call up your uncle right away. I’ll call him. There’s nothing to worry about, right? If the government told me that it got the money, what’s the problem game Then they asked me to hand in my resignation, so I did game Rajbeer! Make him wait. That scoundrel accepted my resignation game Call him. Hello, uncle. Hello. How are you doing? Things are getting way out of hand, uncle. That Ramlal played a dirty game. The high command has accepted father’s resignation and now he’s out of the government. I told you not to form a coalition with that man but you didn’t listen to me. Bear the brunt now. Hold on for a second! You oaf! Leave the phone behind. Go and take the money from your grandmother’s room and listen game Well game You’re seeing the situation within the household, right. What the heck are you showing me? I want a picture of me holding my hands game Now, don’t get yourself into trouble. Things are already pretty intense. Go now. Hail the Lord! Open up! game game game game Did you find yourself a fair lass? Tell me Stealing money, I see game You’re going to run away to get married? Without your permission, can I even do that, grandma? Sit game I’m investing the money in some business venture. Go ahead game You’re the only educated one in this house game The rest just constantly bark like dogs. Grandma, you’re only one who understands me. Now, everything is fine. Get some sleep. Gaurav, where are you? Did you get the money? Yes, Devi, I’m leaving game Oh my! We’re from the Income tax department. We’ve come to raid the premises, here’s the warrant. What the heck is this? The Income Tax Officers have come to raid the house. If I don’t get out of here, then we all will go to jail. This is that moron Ramlal’s doing.