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got into my bones. Easy! Don’t hurt him! No, I couldn’t hear nothing. Careful. The rope. The horse. Quick. Give us a hand, Mole. There! Daisy! Daisy! Come back here, Daisy! Daisy, Daisy! Whacking the horse, huh? Shh! Now hold the rear. Whoa! Now, stay there, Daisy. Where’s the bloody body? We left it here! It’s gone! Where? Well, he can’t have run away, can he? ♪ Dr. Rock, Dr. Rock, Dr. Rock, Dr. Rock ♪ ♪ Dr. Rock, Dr. Rock, Dr. Rock ♪ Oh, gin and pies, gin and pies. Here we are. Dr. Rock, Dr. Rock. Mr. Murray? Mr. Murray, sir? They’re here, sir. But Radios But what? I think you’d better come, sir. It’s not who we expected, sir. I’ve never seen them before. They’re new hands. And the goods they brought? Oh, they say the goods is fresh, sir. Or nearly fresh. Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look. This isn’t fresh. Dr. Rock won’t like this. He may as well dissect a dog dragged from the river after the fishes have been at it. Dr. Rock needs fresh bodies. Going to pay them, sir? Only half. Three sovereigns, no more. Seven when it’s fresh. Now get out. Good night. ‘Night. Three guineas! Three guineas for an old man! I know. It’s a shame he wasn’t a young one, then? Oh, look at that, look at that! Give it here. Get off! Get off! Whoo hoo hoo! Drinks for everybody! Drinks for everybody! You want ’em? Hey, what’re you up to? We paid for them! Hey, get over, darling. Stop it, now, Fallon! There’s nothing left! Go away! Go drink your bottle. We’ve money enough to piss this stuff away. Is there some in there? Ah! Stop it there! Hey, whatcha doing? Here, have a drink. There, how’s that? Eh? Hey, Broom. Broom, you forgot something. Forgot to drink to our benefactor. To our benefactors. To the dead. I always say to Dr. Rock, “If the last thump should suddenly sound, these specimens should be in perfect condition and meet their maker.” You’re almost as pickled as he is, Tom. Who is going to share a drink with a country gentleman, huh? Have a drop with me. There you go, eh? Whoo! Jennie, will you have a drink with me now?