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Think, Mr. Fischer, think. What do you remember from before this dream? There was, um, a lot of gunfire. There was rain. Uncle Peter. Oh, my God, we’ve been kidnapped. Where were they holding you? They had us in the back of a van. That explains the gravity shifts. You’re in the back of a van. Keep going. It had something to do with, um… Something to do with a safe. God, why is it so hard to remember? It’s like trying to remember a dream after you’ve woken up. Listen, it takes years of practice. You and Browning have been pulled into this dream… …because they’re trying to steal something from your mind. I need you to focus and try and remember what that is. What is it, Mr. Fischer? Think! A combination. They demanded the first numbers to pop into my head. They’re trying to extract a number from your subconscious. It can represent anything. We’re in a hotel right now. We should try hotel rooms. What was the number, Mr. Fischer? Try and remember for me. This is very important. Five. Five, two… It was something, it was a long number. That’s good. We can start there. Fifth floor. Yep. So do you use a timer? No, I have to judge it for myself. While you’re all asleep in , I wait for Yusuf’s kick. Well, how will you know? His music warns me. And then when the van hits the barrier of the bridge, that should be unmistakable. So we get a nice synchronized kick. If it’s too soon, we won’t get pulled out. But if it’s too late, I won’t be able to drop us. Well, why not? Because the van will be in freefall. Can’t drop you without gravity. Right. They’re with me. Go on. Mr. Charles. Do you know what that is, Mr. Fischer? Yeah, I think so. They were trying to put you under. I’m already under. Under again. What do you mean, a dream within a dream? Hey. I see you’ve changed. I’m sorry? Oh, I’m sorry. I mistook you for a friend. Oh. Good-looking fellow, I’m sure. No, no, no. That’s Fischer’s projection of Browning. Let’s follow him and see how he behaves. Why? Because how he acts will tell us… …if Fischer is starting to suspect his motives the way we want him to.