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And aren’t we getting late now? Can’t leave him like this game can we? Sir game should we try again? Where game here? What if I fall down? I want to reach Kolkata safely. Dad has arthritis game he cannot do this stunts. Budhan will help I can also game come inside will try. Dad.what’s wrong with you? You cannot.climb this game ! This is western style, how will I squat on it game ? Let me help you game Dad what if you fall game ? Wait game wait game hey Budhan. Yes. Come here game Fine game when you’re done with this circus game call me game Sir let her go game We will try Please hold my hands Hey go away you both game l need to take off my night pants game Should I also game ? Yes game go game Will you manage to game Absolutely Done? game not satisfactorily game but at least got something new to try. Don’t think you can impress him or me with your home remedies game we know everything about constipation Ohh yeah obviously game Grand Pa’s been lying still for a while game Should I check him? Keep quiet! He’s resting game There’s no better place then Banaras for last rites game Shut up. Just check on him game we can still get back to Banaras Hey.why are you game ? And why are you speeding game ? I am not. Look in front game look in front game oh god game Relax and sing that path song you sang earlier game you should be there game let him drive game we’re paying you to drive not sit game She’s driving fine game I know how to drive game Piku you’ve never driven on a highway game This is how accidents happen Dad game Keep. Keep quiet game But what if she bangs game I don’t want to come under a truck like a dog or a cat. game I don’t like unnatural deaths. Stop stop stop the car. Slow.slow. Hey” It doesn’t matter what you like or what you don’t game whenever its time game you’ll die game on a road game in a hospital game death and shit game come unannounced game anytime game anywhere game I disagree! God! game Do you know patience is a must for a good driver game I was testing. game that’s all game come game come.