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You know who the I am? Oh, you’re a big man, yeah? Got me tied up. You cut me and we’ll see what happens to you, you in’ dickhead. I’m gonna ask you once. If I have to ask you twice, I’m gonna cut off your left ear. If I have to ask you again, I’m gonna cut off your right ear. Does that make sense? It’s a very, very simple process. OK? Are we on the same page? Yeah? Good boy. OK. The couple in the garage. Couple of weeks back. you, man. the couple. He killed my little brother. He deserved what we did to him. Hey. So, what was it to you? I bet you’re the son or something, innit. Your mom Game ed me. Great ass. We made ’em face each other, you know. Before we lit ’em up. So they could watch each other burn. Should have seen the look on their faces. in’ priceless. You know what? I’m gonna let you go. But you gotta do something for me. You’re lying. All of this Game I’m not lying to you. For real? Yes, for real. Yes.. Yes, I like ya. I need you to give me the names of the other boys, yeah. Now Game See, take that, take that. Now, listen, listen. Listen. They’re never gonna know, alright, black and white. You give me the names and you live, if you don’t Game well Game Alright, alright. Alright, it. Alright, in’ done. Here, in’ take it, man. But about that stuff I said before, I took it too far, yeah. My bad. Yeah? Yeah. But just imagine Game Just imagine what it felt like Game to be burnt alive. What you talking about, man? The jolly, lad. What you in’ talkin’ about? Hey, man, you said you’d let me go. What the you doin’? Please, man, you said you would be helpin’. Let me go, man! Please! Please! Please! So sorry, man! Please! I said let me go! Let me go! Please! Please! Help! Please! Please! So sorry, man! Please, I Game ! Please, man, you said you would let me out of here! Let me go man! Please! Please let me go! I said it before, man, please! Not sleepin’, are you? The coffee’s not gonna help, is it? The sun will be up soon. How’ve you been, anyway? Yeah Game Yeah, good, but Game the vets have moved to a bigger building, right?