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My Pony & Me 2 How do you do? Please sit down. Thank you. I suppose there’s no doubt. It is Sapphire? No doubt at all, I’m afraid. I know this must be painful for you game but there are some questions I have to ask you. Of course. No, thank you. I understand you expected your sister for the weekend. Yes, I did. Weren’t you worried when she didn’t turn up on Saturday? No, no. She rang me, said something unexpected had stopped her. With Sapphire, something unexpected was always happening. How did she sound? Excited, I thought. What sort of a girl was your sister? Happy, lively exactly as she looked. No, no. That’s not quite true, is it? Are you Were you Sapphire’s halfbrother? No. Our father was a doctorwhite game our mother a singer black as I am. You never know which way it’s gonna go. Since Sapphire came to London, she learned to pass for white. Did David Harris know that your sister was colored? I don’t know. I knew little of Sapphire’s life up here. She seemed happy. I didn’t pry further. My sister was , you know. Why did you let her come to London? She wanted to come. I didn’t see why she shouldn’t have the same chance as any other youngster. I’m a bachelor. I could afford to stake her. Did she every talk about anyone else besides young Harris? I can’t remember. I hardly listened, Sapphire chattered so much. It’s unbelievable. I can see her now game sitting on the table in my consulting room game swinging her legs, laughing game twittering like a bird. Patients waiting, but on she went. I could have slapped her sometimes. Who would do such a thing? Who would do it? I’d like to see my sister. I’ll take you. No, I’d rather go alone. The New End Hospital, Hampstead. Thank you. Bob, that girl who Oh, this is Dr. Robbins. Detective Inspector Learoyd. How do you do? Hello. You can get me at the Dorset Hotel. They take us there. Thank you. So, that’s the brother. Yes. I think I was right. Hate killed Sapphire. I think she died because she was colored. She was also pregnant. Three months. The autopsy’s just in. Young Harris, of course.