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What a guy! On your feet. We’re leaving. Where are you going? To the bathroom. You have a weak bladder, Nikita? Come again, Konstantin? Go. Make it snappy. Leave the door open. Stick this up your bladder, Boris. Let’s go. Karpov? He’s got him! You’re next. You stay out of it! You’re the bait. Karpov wants Scuba. We want Jeff. Alive! You’ve got to take me with you. You need me! Step aside. The payoff is a trap! Here’s the passports. He wants money. Karpov wants him. If Scuba doesn’t like the rendezvous, you are next. We’ll take that chance. What do you think your odds are? He’ll kill you! He’ll kill anybody! Okay? Okay, okay, what? You tell me where the rendezvous is, okay? Okay, what? What? You’re not his father! Hey, hey, you got to trust me. Wait! Wait! Stop this damn truck! Game Is no. Roy! Come in, Nikita. Sit down. Oh, my God! You are entering the United States illegally. Out! Out, out, out! No more of the monkey business! Drive! Come, come. Come, come. We go, we go. Welcome aboard the San Diego trolley, bound for San Ysidro International Border. Go! Go, go, go! Up there. Where the hell is he? Richard! Jeff! Richard, there it is! Over there! All right. I see it! All right, all right! Faster! Faster! Richard! Your attention, please. I’d like to remind all passengers there is no smoking, drinking, or eating permitted Game while on board the trolley. And in consideration to other passengers Game please do not place your feet on the seats. Thank you. Take a seat, please. Please. We did our best. Don’t take our son. It wasn’t good enough. Take us. But you are of no use to me in Russia, Mikhail. Our next station is Byer. Byer is next. Anybody got any change? Anybody got any change? Hey, how about you, lady? You got change? Anybody, change? How about you guys, you got any change? Hey, how about you guys? You look like buddies. Do you want to chip in together to make change for me? That’s okay, hombre, I’ll manage. Don’t move, folks.