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felt to me as a kid especially temporary. So this is a very central Florida-y scene to me. Well, that was something that struck me when I went there is that, obviously, part of the point of the story is that it could really take place anywhere in the U S, but there is something specifically about Orlando, with all the theme parks. First of all, I didn’t realize how many theme parks there were. Like, you know that there’s Disney World and that game I mean, there are of them or something. They’re all over the place. And the whole city has this feel of a set or a creation. And then, there’s the new theme park, and that’s cool. So then the old ones get a little dilapidated and left behind, and there’s this, kind of like, reimagining and lea behind of these symbols. None of which, any of them really, feel exactly real or textured. Yeah, I’ve always felt like it’s America on steroids, that it’s sort of game Something essential about our culture is captured by Orlando in really good ways and also in the bad ways. This was cool to see. This was another thing that was just like I imagined it from the book, and really creepy and game I mean, it’s a little different, right, in that it’s like she hasn’t tried to paint over it yet. This is where we start to break off a little bit from Margo’s motivations. Yeah. We tried game This was always the balancing act, is that, because that was game When I read that in the book, I mean, I actually got chills. I was like, “This is scary.” Like, “We have to make this scary, too.” And try to make it gray in a way that felt like it honored the book but also like, we’re beginning to deviate just a little bit in terms of Margo’s trajectory. Right. The fear that Margo might be actually dead is much less present in the movie. Right. I think that was a really good decision because, I think, tonally the movie becomes impossible if you’re trying to do both of those things. And that was one of the real challenges in writing the book, and I think there are places where I didn’t pull it off, was ha a sort