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but no. No? For what reason? We talked with my wife Games Yes? And Games Well Games First, we have only more years Games To pay back, Yes. Yes, to pay back. And it would be as if everything we’d done so far was for nothing. Yes, I understand Games It is the only thing that belongs to us. And therefore Games OK, but that would be Games Games temporary. Yes, but no. You sell, You get money, It allows you to be in rental with a rent lower than what you pay today in credit. And when you find yourself a stable situation, You may buy a new place? I don’t know if it’s possible. Of course it is. No. If I sell, I don’t know If I can buy again later. And if we can’t buy again, We are tenants. And at my age, to be tenant, It’s no. OK. So you have Games This is the last solution. We didn’t consider. You thought about it but you chose not to. But did you also consider a situation, obviously less pleasant to consider Games Tomorrow, what will happen If you’re not here anymore? I mean Games If you die. Do you have something planned, did you set something up? I’m talking about insurance contracts, death insurance contracts. which would provide the payment of a capital to your loved ones, in order to protect them. No. I think it’s something you should consider Games When there is not enough savings aside, I think that a death insurance would allow you to plan the future more serenely. All right? It’s a useful expense. It’s an expense which would allow you to prepare the future of those you love, quite simply. An additional protection. Today, your situation is unsafe, And today, I think this could make you feel better about the future. Forget it. Hey, look, they arrived. Yes. My wife, Karine. Enchanted. My wife. Did you wait a long time? min. So, it’s this one. Be careful because it slips, there. I go first? There is a satellite dish? Yes. Is it connected to the outside? To the antenna. Then there are shelves, a cupboard in the entrance. Here is the kitchen area and the dining room. There was a table with