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It’s like a nice metal J, it’s like a whole game Hey, it’s painted to look metal. All right. Here’s our real first introduction to Halston Sage. Ben’s fantastic job. Just being horribly, horribly horrible. Yeah, this was a weird decision. It was about when do we cut to Ben looking game I didn’t even notice that he was doing this on set, and so we got in the edit room and then we were like, “Oh! That’s hilarious and also kind of disrespectful.” And it’s like, I wanted to introduce Lacey in a way that wasn’t disrespectful, but then also it is kind of part of the story that this is how Ben sees her at this point. Yeah. So, and it’s funny realistically, so you know. Yeah, I mean, Ben is game Talk about failing to imagine people complexly, Ben is really bad at that. Right. So long as the movie doesn’t ogle her, if Ben does then that’s all right, ’cause it comes from the character. Yeah, ’cause, well, hopefully, we’re making fun of Ben. Yes. Not making fun of, yeah, exactly. So I think the joke is on Ben. As it so often is in this film. He gets a pretty good last laugh. Yeah, he does all right for himself in the end. Precisely because he learns to imagine people complexly. But not yet. Not yet. That was the greatest seconds of my life. This look that Q and Radar give, that’s just what was happening the entire time we were shooting. And all these guys hung out so much off of set. And like we said, Austin was in full Daniel Day Lewis character the whole time. And so every day was just a series of things that Ben, because it was Ben, would say, and Q and Radar, whether in the movie or out of the movie, rolling their eyes and walking away. Yeah. It also happened to me a lot because they would break into my room. We all lived in the same apartment building and they would break into my room in the middle of the night and, like, jump on my bed and say, “Get up, get up, get up!” And they were always led by Ben. Like, he was the master of waking John up at in the morning. I think Austin, in fact, once he broke character apologized