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My Sweet Farm Yeah. She was like, Game. Really? They’d be like, I want to touch your Game. Touch Game Touch my Game. It’s pretty easy to just work around Game Right. It’s sharp pain that quickly turns into pleasure or whatever it is. No, no. I’d want throbbing pleasure. No, I can’t get behind that. Exactly. No, I’m Game I’m standing Game I’m putting my foot down and saying Game Maybe in this dream, I just Game No, no, I’m not saying it should Game I think in this dream Game hurt her for half an hour. I’m just saying Game I think he should just kiss her and start to put his hand in her whatever medieval underpants she has, and then cut out. Yeah, that seems good. Of this dream. Yeah. Sure. She wakes up just when he’s about to touch her on her Game How do we, what do we call the thing that Game Rosebud or whatever horrible thing. That’s an asshole. A rosebud is an asshole. I didn’t know that. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a thing. I didn’t know that. I don’t have an asshole so I don’t ever have to worry about coming up with names for it. I didn’t know that and I don’t like that. I mean, I think you should just write it like super Danielle Steel. I feel like you don’t have to try to be really creative ’cause the audience who wants to read a book like this doesn’t really care if you’re doing linguistic acrobatics. They just care if you’re getting from A to B. I mean, I literally, just what do we call her clit that’s not a clit? ‘Cause I feel like you can’t say clit. The most sensitive point. That’s so good. And then for penis, we can just say him right, and for Game, we can just say her. Yeah. He puts himself inside her, and that kind of thing. Yeah, totally. That seems like an easy way. I mean, we’re gonna have to mix it up a little bit. She puts herself inside him. That’s mixing it up? Yeah. It went from zero to five. Okay. All right. So, you know, the five is the score to beat. It’s all right. All right. Yeah. And you can keep those ones or not. I’m gonna reroll. Okay. ‘Cause I’m going for threes. Okay. Look at that. Yeah. I’m going for all.