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My Cute Horse You asked her, how she was, You were so, Are we going to sit here? Wait for a signal and stare at the wall? You can’t come to the windows and open them, I’ll keep your mobiles as a deposit, He wants the right for authorization, Our officer will wait outside, We have the keys, The phone lines are shut off, If you need anything, just knock on the door, Manjaro, Your mobiles, Please, lean against the wall, Take this out, Thank you, Turn on the camera, please, Thank you, Have a drink, Here, Good, So long no see, Ladies first, Blachowski, Wilska, It’s a pleasure, Blachowski, I have respect for you, This film about the serial killer, Really, How the police framed an innocent man, It was militia, Blacha, You knew how to prove, step by step, that the appearances are deceitful, That it’s a ruthless mafia, You’re good, And honest, That’s why I agreed to give this interview, You can really show the truth, Manjaro, fags, That’s what I smoke now, The slims, I like the slims, So? Can we? As we agreed, it’s fully anonymous, Your voice will be disfigured in postproduction, Roll camera, Camera rolling, Who are you now? How would you define yourself? Me? What do I think of myself? That’s quite a simple question? Let’s say I’m a man, who received from God, from the society, from the fate a second chance, I’m making up for the mistakes of my youth, Your friends call you a murderer, a traitor, Which friends? Preacher, These are not my friends, These are thugs, Their words are won’th nothing, And you were one of them, I’m not anymore, Before you became a state witness, you were a police informer, What would happen, if your friends found it out? I’ll say it again, These were not my friends, So if your, lets call them, Partners, Partners, then: The Flash, Edgy, Preacher, Hammer, Cyga, If they find out, that you betrayed them, What would they do? I guess, they would think about the sense of life, My life, In the mafia, everything has it’s price. For killing you would take from to grand. Unless somebody was a snitch. They were rubbed out for free.