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Natural Little Pony What’s the matter with you? Can’t you remember? I never sold you no flower. He got it for me, Ira. It’s awful pretty. Maybe I’ll grow some too, if Bill decides we’ll stay here. Don’t worry about that. Now I can’t have you picking them like this, Bill. Of course, seeing as you got it for Trina. But I’ve got to ask you not to do it no more. Oh, come on Ira, take it. No. I ain’t in the flower business. God never meant for flowers to be sold. Susan said that, and Susan was close to God. She was, huh? Yes, Susan walked handinhand with God all her life. If anybody’s with him, she is. Right there in the fold. Right by his side. She led a beautiful life, always a singing of his praises. Basking in his glory. Yup. When you can make wine out of dandelions. I can believe in it. Come on Ira. My tongue is hanging out. I guess it’s alright about the flower. Some more, Bill? No, I ain’t hungry. What do you keep this thing closed all the time for? I thought it might rain or something. Supposing it does rain? Rain won’t hurt you. It’s good for you. It makes you grow. Open it up. Bill. What do you always keep looking through that hole for? Why? When you’re dead you get a hunk of earth. When you’re alive you want to hang on to your hunk of blue. That’s all I got in the world. That’s all anybody’s got is that hunk of blue. Bill, what Ira said, I.. What? I’ve been thinking that.. There couldn’t be any heaven much better than this, could there? I mean when it’s quiet all round and we’re close like now. You know, I never noticed it before, but your eyes are skycolored, sort of.. You got a hunk of blue in each little glim, ain’t you. But that don’t stop me from clouting you on the chin any minute. Climb in here. You’re alright. You’re a swell kid, I like you plenty. Do you Bill? Hmm. But don’t get to figuring on that too much. Because how much I like a woman ain’t nothing to bet money on. I’m liable to all steamed up about you today and washed up tomorrow. I’ve been tangled up with a woman before. Yeah.. I guess you must have known lots of women.