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I know you’re there. Get him! That’s enough! That’s enough! Now watch! You see? Indestructible! A shield of indestructible matter! We have succeeded, Hertz. We have? A frame of force so strong that nothing can enter it Game and nothing can escape. Baron Game one question, please. What is it for? What is it for? To give life after death, my friend. That’s what it’s for. Life after death. We have conquered death. Herr Kleve! I should have thought the whole thing was perfectly clear even to someone as muddle Games headed as you are, Hertz. However, if you wish, I will explain it to you step by step. Yes. Yes, please explain. Now, first of all, I have established beyond doubt that the soul does not leave the body at the instant of death. Games Now, you understand that? Games Yes, yes. And you agree? Games Yes. Games Good! The second thing Game I have succeeded in creating a frame of force so strong that nothing can penetrate it. Now, if nothing can penetrate it, than nothing can leave it, agreed? I suppose so. No supposition about it. It is a fact. You saw for yourself. Games Yes, yes, alright. Games Well Game there you are, then. Where am I? What has all this to do with conquering death? Games Do I have to spell it for you? Games Yes, you do. I am a muddle Games head. I’m a broken down, drunken old muddle Games head, and you have to explain it for me. One dies because the body dies, not the soul. Death is a physical thing, not spiritual. The body deteriorates, or just decays, but the soul remains alive. Now, if I can transfer the soul to my apparatus, repair the damaged body, and then return the soul, I have conquered death. Is that not so? If you say so. I do. I do say so. Then it must be so. Oh, look! It’s almost daylight. Would you like me to make you a nice cup of coffee? Alright, driver. What’s happened? What are you all staring at? In here, you! Games What for?! Games Inside! This is him, sir. Show him the coat. No use you denying it. We have witnesses to prove that you were wearing this coat.