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Nervous Animals Escape The ticket and God knows what else! Then the apartment! The clothes! The car! You’re gonna suck me dry, and you’ll never ever stop! No. Please, no! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Nobody’s killing anybody. Not while I’m around. Then can I have a ride? Dwight I grab the key and uncuff her. She gives him a goodbye that’ll still hurt like hell when he comes to. I leave the slob handcuffed to the bed for housekeeping to find. I take Redondo over the hill toward Old Town. Thanks for my life, man. Dwight Sally blends into the sea of flesh that is Old Town. They all come back game The damn Old Town memories. Drunken mornings and sweaty and stupid, bloody brawls. And that thing I did. You can’t just pick and choose. You can’t take the good without the bad. Not once you let the monster out. I can’t let it out. Never again. I drive ten blocks out of my way and stop for gas I don’t need, avoiding the worst of this job. MY employer game The wife. This one’s got a lawyer to pay the tab, so it’s easier. Please leave by the servants’ exit. Dwight The Mustang shudders, begging to cut loose and show what it can do. It wants to take me all the way. I don’t let it. I think about all the ways I’ve screwed up and what I’d give for one clear chance to wipe the slate clean. I’d give anything just to cut loose, just to feel the fire game One more time. tires screeching Never lose control, not for a second. Never let the monster out. Remember when you did. Remember what you did. phone ringing Yeah? Ava Dwight, is that you? Ava. I’m sorry to call. I know I’ve got no right. But I need to see you. Tonight. Please, Dwight, don’t hang up. Please. Dwight She keeps talking. Like an idiot, I keep listening. Ava. Damn. I should tell her to go to hell. Instead, I show up minutes early. What the hell could she want with me now? You can’t drive two blocks in Sin City without coming across a saloon. The bad kind. Why here, Ava? With you, everything always had to be firstclass. And when I couldn’t foot the bill, you sure as hell found somebody who could.