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Yeah, sure. POINTEDLY Knock, knock! FRANK: So, my-my next question is, when a pilot retires uh, Pan Am sends them a check every single month? Uh, yeah, pension program sends a check and benefits. How much is that check for? Uh, kid, I’m really not in the mood for this right now. This Skywayman’s driving me crazy. Who’s the Skywayman? Ah, some nut that’s flying around the country posing as a Pan Am pilot. There’s a column about him in the paper today. I keep telling them this is not my problem. This guy doesn’t even fly Pan Am. Flies everybody else. Flies United, TWA, Continental, Eastern game WHISPERING The Skywayman. Newspaper loves this clown. They call him “the James Bond of the sky.” CHUCKLES Did you say game ? Bond, James Bond. “” THEME PLAYING BOND: Tell me, Joan, why does he do it? WOMAN: He likes to win. MAN: Come on, come on. We’ll be landing in minutes. Do you want to play it easy or the hard way? And this isn’t a tranquilizer. Well, Pussy, you do know a lot more about planes than guns. IMITATING SEAN CONNERY Hello, Pussy. NORMAL VOICE Now, you’re sure this is the suit, right? Positive. It’s the exact suit he wore in the movie. CONNERY VOICE Okay. I’ll take three. Certainly, Mr. Fleming. Now what you need is one of those little foreign sports cars that he drives. “” THEME PLAYING ENGINE REVVING FINAL “” CHORD STRIKES The look of love d Is in your eyes game Hello. Hi. game The look your heart game Haven’t I seen you before? game Can’t disguise game Maybe. A couple years ago I was on the cover of Seventeen. Yeah. You’re that model, right? Cheryl. Yes. The guys used to put your picture on their lockers. Isn’t that your silver car I saw parked out front? Yeah. One of them. Well, it takes d my breath away game So, think I could get an autograph? game I can hardly wait d to hold you d Feel my arms around you game Do you have a pen in your room? game How long I have waited game RHYTHMIC MECHANICAL THUMPING You’ve got the look of love d It’s on your face d A look that time