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New And Big Farmer Helen, I need to talk to you about something kind of important. I just found out my mother is really sick. I’m sorry. That’s terrible. They don’t think she’s gonna make it to her next birthday. I need more wine. It’s empty. Can I have game are you gonna eat game that? Go ahead. Yeah? Okay. Thank you. Broccoli, the long ones. It’s like a combination between asparagus and broccoli. These are so good. Thanks, babe. All right. Please be careful and don’t drive fast. Oh, dad. She couldn’t drive fast even if she wanted to. I can’t believe you’d rather drive seven hours in this piece of junk instead of taking a one hour flight. You know I hate to fly, and please don’t call Zuzu a piece of junk. You know I don’t want to put my first car to sleep. The keys are in the ignition honey. Oh yeah. And you got the GPS, too? Uh, yep, and I have this just as backup. Where’s your ring? Oh, uh, I’m sure it’ll pop up somewhere. Oh my God. You lost it? How could you lose game ? Oh my God. Do you know how long that ring’s been in my family? Since my greatgreatgreat grandmother five generations! Dr. June game Dr. June game don’t let your blood pressure go up. I didn’t lose it. I just can’t find it. She didn’t lose it. She lost it! No. She can’t find it. That’s different. What if she lost it? What’s the difference? No, no, no, no. She didn’t lose it. She just can’t find it. But it’s the same thing! She lost it! No, no, no. It’s not the same thing. She just can’t find it. She lost it. Ooh, there she goes again. Start the car! Start the car! You know what? Let me handle this. Good morning, Officer Henderson. It’s coffee, okay? It’s coffee and I spilled it chasing you! I stopped at the stop sign, didn’t I? No, ma’am. No, you didn’t stop. You didn’t stop at the stop sign. I sent your manuscript to an agent friend of mine. You know what? My new partner is sitting back in the car there. It’s not gonna work this time. Oh. That’s all right. No, oh. I know the number. O six. Let me tell ya. Are you leaving town? Yes, sir. Are you leaving for a long time?