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New Big Farmer 3 admit what is happening. One word, one word of the truth from these children game and we can cast out those devils forever. I pray to God you’re right, miss. Shh. Softly. The children are listening. He had a wound on his head as if he’d slipped. I can’t forget his eyes they were open. What shall I say when his feet enter softly game leaving the marks of his grave on my floor? You’re hurting me. The children are watching. Haven’t they taught you? Knock before you enter. Knock before you enter. Knock before you enter. Knock before you enter. Knock before you enter! Knock before you enter! Quint is dead. Flora! Flora! Somebody’s walking in the garden. Miles! Oh! Miles, what were you doing? When? You were looking up at the tower. You saw something. Of course I did. What did you see? Only you, Miss Giddens. I was waiting for you. Waiting? Oh, I knew you’d look out. But don’t you want to know why? I’ll tell you the real, true reason. But I wonder if you’ll understand. I’ll try. Well, put me back to bed then, if you’re not too cross. Are you cross? Yes, I am. I thought you would be. Come on. I’ll tell you when I’m in bed. Well, now Yes? I wanted you to think me bad for a change. For a change? Well, I thought I might be becoming a bore. Miles, tell me the truth. But I am. I mean, good children do get a bit boring, don’t they? So I thought, why not go out tonight and wander about in my bare feet? It was a shocking thing to do, wasn’t it? Yes, very shocking. Well, that was our plan. Flora and I arranged it together. But we giggled so. I was sure you must have heard us. Yes, II did hear something. I told her to go over to the window. Then you’d be bound to look out and see me. Flora’s been bad as well. Miles, what are you hiding under your pillow? I’m not hiding it. I’m keeping it warm. I found it this morning one of my pigeons. I couldn’t, could I, leave it out there alone? But, Miles game its neck. It looks as though Someone had broken it. Yes, poor thing. I’ll bury it tomorrow. Kiss me good night, Miss Giddens.