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We saw you open the box, throw it back on the shelf and put this item in your pocket. Ah, OK. And the phone too? No. The phone, it’s yours. Do you have an ID? No. No, Sir, leave this here. What are you saying to me? He is serious, him? Sir, please, an ID? If you want things to go fast, give me your papers, fill the form, you pay, you leave and it stops here. I’m leaving, what? To begin with, you took my charger. It is not your charger. It comes from the store. And the proof is where? Calm down, please. You have been filmed. OK. Show me the evidence? The police will take care of this. Call them, I don’t care! I’m asking politely for an ID. We will do things in a calm way. Put your phone on the table, and do what she says. Please, Sir, It will go fast. Give me an ID so that I can fill this form. I can take my time, you know. No problem. You want me to tell the truth? Please. I took this charger. It’s true, I stole it. But you know why? No. Because someone, outside the store, told me: “Get in the store and take a charger for me, “Otherwise I kick your ass.” OK, and where is this man? He must be in front of the store. He said that he would kick me, so I took the charger. Right now, you are putting me in trouble. Sir, please Games I can’t pay. Sir, we didn’t put a knife under your throat Games Whatever, how do we do now? Do you understand my situation? Yes, but it is not our problem. Ah really? In fact, you don’t care! A guy will kick my ass, you don’t care? Calm down. Be polite. Let’s get over this quickly. Give us an ID. We fill the form, you pay, and it’s over. No, Sir, let’s stay polite with each other. Be polite. Yeah, OK, whatever. And how much is it, this charger? So ing boring. Can you go get the box please? Scan it, and bring me the ticket. Here you are. By the way, I want the box. Sir, you have no order to give. You have nothing to ask. Sorry but I am a customer, So I’m the King. The customer is King. You are not a customer yet, and you are not a King here. Madam, the customer is King or not? No, not for now.