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Beautiful Farmer Did it growl? When she was three, Natalka drew stick figures like that on the wall. We punished her with no TV for a week. I get it: If you don’t like something then it’s ugly. And if I’ve got a different opinion then I’m a snob or an idiot. Can I pay in installments? No problem. You’d buy something else with the money, eh? How much was your bike? Half. That bike cost ,? Yeah. You see? Roman likes riding his bike. Back and forth Game Each person is a unique, unknowable mystery. Just because you marry a woman doesn’t mean you know her. Why aren’t you with Anna? Because she’s a dog and I like cats. You’re allergic, man. Hey, you got any small graphics or a postage stamp for up to ,? Something with a bike on it, right? Come back often, guys. That painting is amazing. Doesn’t she remind you of Johana? All of us here have professed faith in the church. Do you wish for Ludvik Jiri to be baptized into the faith? Yes. Will the godfather and parents bring the child closer? Can I ask the mother to remove his cap? Ludvik Jiri, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. And just as God anointed his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, as priest, prophet, and king, he marks you with holy oil, for you belong to Christ forever. We’d like to invite you all for a small celebration. But, honey, Dino offered to drive me home today. We agreed on a small celebration. I just don’t want Dino to drive so late. That’s no problem. It really isn’t? Not at all. There’s no problem then. Why not come to our place? I’m not allowed. I’d go for a drink. You can! I can’t go Game If there’s a problem, I can Game Oh, god, he’s wet. It happens. I’ll change him in the car. Isn’t she wonderful? Come for a little while or Johana will be sad. You find a normal, easygoing guy, a bit of an alcoholic who takes you to art openings, etc. Then you marry him and he wants you to iron his socks. It’s normal to iron socks because of the bacteria. No way! Come on, Anezka, here’s dinner Game And isn’t it weird he never told me that Roman has a lover and a sevenyearold daughter?