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The land was the remedy to despair of Sebastião. The joy of seeing the trees grow, resurgent outbreaks, He resurrected Sebastião passion for photography. Although Lélia and he knew they could not return to their old ways. We conclude that would start a new photographic project on the environment. Of course, the first idea that came It was to denounce the destruction of forests, or pollution of the oceans, He did not care. Then gradually we start thinking. Let’s do a different project. Let a tribute to the planet. And we discover with surprise nearly half of the planet continues as the day of Genesis. Many of my friends told me. “Do not get into that. It is very risky. You are a good human, social photographer, and now you will enter in the field Photographers landscapes, animals.” I said, “It’s okay, I’m going for it! I will learn to photograph these things too.” And so I began the first story. Galapagos wanted it. Darwin wanted to understand what he understood. The same species, in very different ecosystems, They have evolved very differently. Looking at this detail of the leg of the iguana, I can not help thinking in the hand of a warrior of the Middle Ages. With its metal to protect shells. Looking at the structure of the hand, I see that the iguana is also my cousin, who we come from the same cell. We were facing a being of this age. We are dealing with an authority, with all its wrinkles, with all this knowledge. Certainly, when Darwin was here, that turtle was an adult. Maybe he saw Darwin. Who knows? I remember one time I was very tired because he had walked through lava fields for a long time. I had slept on the beach. I felt something touch my leg. I looked and it was a sea lion. Had another installed across. In the end, there were three sea lions. No man considered a predator, did not seem a threat. It was my first story of nature, the first time photographing animals. For years, I had time to see game and understand the most important thing. I am very nature as a turtle, like a tree, like a stone.