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couldn’t plan. Like I didn’t tell Nat to do any of that. It’s just came out. Did you tell Cara to do that? I did tell Cara to do that. I was very excited about my Dukes of Hazzard minivan hood jump. She did it great. I mean game That was my one idea I brought to this film. It’s like, at some point Margo should do a hood jump on a minivan. Well, she killed it. Yup. And this is one of the many moments in the film where I am so grateful game There’s the asparagus. I added it in there for you. Thanks for putting the asparagus in the movie. Jacob Craycroft, one of our wonderful editors was insistent that if I was going to Orlando to shoot this stuff, I better get the asparagus in there. U m, well, thank you for doing that. I appreciate it and the City of Orlando appreciates it. They’re still pretty proud of their public art piece, the giant asparagus. These shots are amazing. And it’s one of the moments in the movie when I’m so grateful for the existence of Son Lux. He adds so much game Ryan Lott, who scored the movie, adds so much to this film. Yeah, and he actually did. So that’s a song of his that he then did an orchestral overlay that matches the Margo theme. There are numerous themes in this movie that are very consistent with when it’s the boys are searching or when it’s just kind the kind of Margo love theme. And that one right there is kind of the Margo love theme laid over the song. We should also shout out David Lanzenberg, our incredible cinematographer, and that shot was his idea. He was like, “Maybe if we’re just behind her hair a little bit.” He’s from Spain and Germany, so his accent’s a little mixed up, you know? “And it could be flowing back towards us a little bit in the night “and then it would game I was like, “Yeah, man.” Yeah. David Lanzenberg is a ridiculously good cinematographer. And I think like a lot of the game I mean I know that you’re responsible for the visual feel of the movie, but I really game Well, not any more than him. I mean you know game Yeah, he just has a beautiful eye for