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Oh my dear God, I do believe in thee. Do thou strengthen my faith. I beg thee to inflate my will game to purify my body and sanctify my soul. Why aren’t your sheets stained with blood anymore? I am the Immaculate One. I promise. I am the Immaculate One, Father. Shut up! And keep praying. I will keep praying. I promise. Give me strength, oh dear lord game to expiate my offenses game to overcome my temptations and to subdue my passions. Grant me that I may prepare for death game And that I may fear thy last judgments game And that game and that game Would you like to finish saying your prayer in Saint Winston? S S Don’t send me to Saint Winston’s. Please! S S Don’t send me to Saint Winston’s, father! Grant that I may prepare for death game that I may fear thy judgements game that I may escape hell game and, in the end, obtain heaven game through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. I’m dreaming and I want to wake up. I’m dreaming and I want to wake up. I’m dreaming and I want to wake up. Keep praying. Keep praying. What did you just say? Do you know what Saint Winston is? Yes. It’s a scarey chapel your grandfather invented. He used to tell me it’s where they sent game naughty children to do penance for their sins. He was always threatening to send me there. When I didn’t behave. When I was little. Does the “Immaculate One” mean something for you? Who told you about that? Grandma, I guess. She’s always talking to her dead grandmother in her dreams! This really is going too far. Please Catelyn. Try at least to game Try what? Well if you think you’re so smart game why don’t you just deal with it yourself? I’ll try and talk some sense into her. I promise you I’ll do the best I can. And don’t forget to take your pills Try get some sleep. Catelyn! Can you at least admit there’s something very strange about the way your daughter and your mother have exactly the same visions? For Christ’s sake, don’t encourage her! She’s just been nosing around game Mother’s belongings and