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Noble White Horse I know you’re still trying to help them no matter how busy you are. Because my favorite father’s like that. Now we have a boarder. I’m not gonna stay here without repaying you. Back home, we figure that if you borrow a cup of sugar you ought to return a cup and a half. That’s fine. I got to thinking about a lot of things last night. About that job you had for me. I said after the election. Seems like closing the barn door after the horse is gone. You won’t need much help after election. I’m a spot right now so I figured let’s start now. That’s fine. It might work out in a lot of ways. I was sort of using the same napkin ring. Titus so close together that. Were bound to run into something about Johnny. Splendid idea. And as you put it, we can sort of look after each other. What’s the matter? PS, Lynn got the job. And in closing let me say Games My hands feel like a flock of bananas. You’re on in seconds. seconds? Your speech, pal. Game Oh I’ve got my speech. Game Nun Game uh. This is from Cameron’s office. This is station CAM, the voice of the city. The following is a paid political broadcast. The opinions of the speaker Games do reflect the opinion that this station. Ladies and gentlemen, Lynn Hollister. The Progressive Party speaker. Mr. Hollister. In presenting Morris Slade as Games our candidate, I have the honor to present Games a man you’ll never forget. A perfect specimen of manhood. A man every mother wants her son to be. Hard Game working, loyal, honest. Honest? Honest. Morris Slade’s private life should be a lesson to every voter. His interest Games in our great city Games is a glowing torch of unselfishness. Bananas. Look, folks, there’s been a little accident here in the studio. And I’d probably have trouble getting the right words Games for my candidate on the air without my papers. You’re probably all vote for Mr. Slade anyway so Games I’d better talk about a man I know a little more about. Mr. Thomas Cameron. And in thinking about Games him it reminds me of a fish fry we had back in Spring Valley. Most of the fellows splashed around in the water and made a lot of noise.